Saag Paneer or Palak Paneer

Delicious, healthy Saag Paneer

We’ve had a frightful winter this year.  Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall kept us indoors over the past couple of months.  But a chilly spring has given way to  days of warm, brilliant sunshine. Summer is here.  We’ll see if it decides to stay a while. Summer is also the time when baby bundles of… 

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How to make farmers cheese – Paneer

Homemade Paneer - Indian Farmers cheese

Road trips in the North of India demand a stop at a typical Indian fast food establishment – the dhaba.  Much like the truck stop diners in the States, travelers rely on these eateries to fuel themselves on their long journeys.  Dhabas have been serving fresh, simply cooked, seasonal fare to hungry patrons long before… 

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Restaurant Review: Narcissa, NYC

Rotisseried Branzino at Narcissa

My husband follows restaurant openings in NYC on EATER and managed to snag a reservation at Narcissa.  Much as been written about this newly opened hot spot at the Standard hotel so we decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. We first accidentally walked into the lobby of the Standard hotel, only to… 

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How to make homemade yogurt

Homemade yogurt with berries

Yogurt is an integral part of Indian meals.  It is a vital component of many Indian recipes – acting as a tenderizer, marinade, sauce base and flavor agent.  We use yogurt in a myriad of  ways in our day to day cooking.  Throw it in a blender with ripe mangoes for a glass of frothy,… 

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Chicken Tikka Bites

Chiken Tikka Bites

Ah yes, what better post to inaugurate this blog, than the much loved Chicken Tikka. In it’s purest form, tikka refers to a piece of marinated meat grilled quickly under hot coals.  It’s history can be traced back to the kebabs of Persia, from where it made it’s way into the Indian cuisine through trade… 

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