Thank you for taking the time to visit spicedgoodness.com!

I’m a foodie living in New York City with my wonderful husband. This tiny part of the internet is where I blog about food, eating well and share other food related musings.

My introduction to the kitchen started early in life. I often helped my mother cook dinner as a child and most of what I know, I learnt under her tutelage. I believe cooking is an essential life skill and it always helps to know the basics so you can take care of yourself.

I love to recreate the food I’ve tasted at parties or restaurants; and enjoy experimenting with different ingredients and techniques.  Recently we bought a sous vide circulator, and have been putting it to good use in our tiny New York City kitchen. My curious palate coupled with my general enthusiasm for food are what inspire me to share my experiences and recipes through this medium. The blogosphere is full of exceptionally talented foodies who invite us into their homes, kitchens and lives. I find this very inspiring.

My husband helps me with photography on this blog.  I’m definitely an amateur but I’ve picked up a couple of tricks from him and hope to improve the quality of the pictures on this site over time.

I went to school with kids from all around the world and was lucky enough to be introduced to the wonders of ethnic food at an early age.  Living in NYC gives us access to the most delicious and diverse set of restaurants in the country.  Some of my favorite meals in the city can be found in hole-in-the-wall establishments in Queens and the Bronx, where (for some weird reason) most Manhattanites don’t venture.  From time to time, I’ll share our restaurant adventures on this blog as well.

Healthy eating is also an area of interest for me.  I’ve recently started to experiment with a “lower” carb diet and have found it to be working very well for me.  Indian food tends to be fairly carb heavy, but I’ve found that with a few tweaks and adjustments, one can eat a very satisfying Indian meal without piling on the pounds.

I look forward to sharing delicious recipes and my adventures in eating with you.